Friday, September 16, 2011

The Search Continues for Small Wedding Venues in Massachusetts. AGAIN.

It happened to me AGAIN.

Before going to visit Adam this summer I looked through all the vacation homes in the Northeastern Massachusetts area again, in hopes that Adam would get an interview in August.  I thought I’d be able to book the vacation home before I even left England.  There were two rental homes I really loved.  One house was in Salemand the other home was in Rockport.  

Once I got back home, the one Adam liked more, the one rental home in Rockport was no longer available.  He wasn’t so bothered, but I got nervous that instead of having a plan A and plan B it was all or nothing.  I really tried to make sure I had a backup in all things, and since the wedding venue was the first thing to secure, I didn’t like having only one vacation home on my list that I really loved.

So Adam had his interview on September 8 and the visa arrived on Monday and on Tuesday he told me, “Get calling!”  So on Wednesday I sent out that Email for the vacation home. 

I had it all planned out.  This New England vacation home had the neutral d├ęcor with a fireplace in the living room, the tall ceilings, a nice little dining room that would make a good spot for cocktail hour, a big great room with ANOTHER fireplace that could become a dining room, and a game room with a pool table!  My brother plays.  I’m not great but I like to try.  And not only is this rental place beautiful, but it’s right down the street from me.  It would be so easy to go back and forth to my condo.  So so happy.  This was going to be perfect.  The limo could bring us from the venue to a hotel in Boston in less than an hour EASILY. 

Friday came and I still hadn’t received a call.  So I phoned them.  And they informed me that the house is on the market.

Deja vu :(  Same reason and everything.  Only this time I was actually ready, on paper, legally, visa in hand, ready to book this vacation home for our wedding.  “Oh, but you can call us in December to see what our situation is.”  No.  No I can’t. 

Back to the drawing board.  AGAIN. 

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