Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Choosing August Wedding Flowers

Choosing August wedding flowers was more fun than I thought it was going to be.  When I was younger, I used to hate flowers.  First of all, I had horrible allergies, so when I’d walk into a room and get a whiff I’d hold my breath and duck out in fear of triggering the watery eyes and wheezing from the pollen.  Second, since they die, I thought that was a TERRIBLE gift for a romantic relationship.  “My love for you is like this rose.  It’ll last a week tops, even if you care for it properly.”  I never thought I’d care so much about which were the best wedding flowers.

But here I am, caring.

With my color palette in mind, I first Googled “August wedding flowers.”  I wanted to see what flowers were in season in August, because I heard you can get the best wedding flowers prices when you get them in season.  Which makes sense.  I started saving those pictures in a folder on my computer called “wedding.”  There were several different August wedding flowers I liked, fortunately.  There were purple Gladiolus and red Tuberose, neither of which I’d heard of, but they looked nice, and came in the right colors.

But for me, the best wedding flowers I saw were the lilies.  Not the trendy calla lilies that are so popular this year (though they are nice too).  I like the big huge blossoms that look like stars, in orange, or even deep pink.  I actually saw one bridal bouquet of nothing but deep pink lilies.  No other flowers, no greenery, no Queen Anne’s lace, no frills.  Just a handful of star-flowers.  That simple bouquet of deep pink lilies is one of my favorite images of August wedding flowers.  I saved lots of others, and even some fall arrangements just in case I have a change of heart (or date!)

Once I knew which singular flowers were good for an August wedding in New England, I started looking at wholesale online florists for ideas on how bouquets are created.  I thought about how these flowers would look together as a whole composition.  The lilies could be orange or pinkish-red.  The tuberose was a nice red color, and the Gladiolus come in purple.  I think these were the best wedding flowers for me because they were all different enough shapes that they'd look good together in a bouquet, I thought.  So I drew a sketch to see.

Yeah, that could work!
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Choosing Colors for a Wedding

One of the first things I thought about after Adam proposed was a wedding color scheme.  I love looking at color schemes.  If things went just a little bit differently in my life, I think I’d have pursued a career in interior design instead of teaching.  So I was excited to start choosing colors for a wedding.

My first love when it comes to color schemes is actually fall colors.  I love the warm colors:  red, burnt orange, all shades of brown from beige to chocolate to clay.  I love gold and warm greens like sage.  All those colors are in my home, and they make me feel comfortable.

I just had 3 small problems: 

1. I want a wedding during summer vacation.
2. Adam loves purple.
3. I don’t like fall colors next to white.


First I tried to think of how I could incorporate red, brown, and orange into my theme and end up with it still looking like August wedding colors.

But it seemed purple would look out of place in that color palette.  I decided that if I was going to use Adam’s favorite color (and I wanted to do that for him) then I should pick ONE color I wanted with it, and the third (or more) color would influence the seasonal feeling of the color palette.  I'd just have to make sure that third color didn't clash with the other two and was popular for August wedding colors.  So I looked around online at the best wedding colors for some inspiration.

I decided that above all, I wanted orange, since it's more cheerful and less cliche than pink. Plus there were plenty of orange flowers in the photos of August wedding colors I found.  Now, at first I felt scared, because orange and purple sound like clown colors.  But I thought since both colors have some red in them, my third color could tone down the contrast if it was a variation of red.  Since deep rose red (as much as I like that color) was more for winter winter weddings than for August wedding colors, I decided on a deep coral instead.  The three colors together are very vibrant, but don’t overpower each other so they’ll be elegant.  The orange will make it feel warm, but the vibrant colors are more summery, not too fall like.  And I could use gold or champagne with chocolate brown as a neutral. 

Yes, I think with the right flowers, these would make nice wedding colors for summer.  


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Readers, what is your relationship status?