Friday, May 4, 2012

Wedding Day Part 6: Just the Two of Us

 I was a little nervous that I was going to fall victim to “post nuptial depression.”  After over 2 years of planning, and not everything went perfectly (no signature drink, no tulle or chair decorations, no pre wedding diet, no game playing at the reception) and then it was all suddenly over...that can be a real shock to anyone's system.  You get into a mindset, you have all these expectations.  But no.  On the limo ride to our mini-moon, Adam and I talked about the wedding.  We talked about how great the speech was, how amazing it was that the weather held out, and we laughed about the cake “It’s fine, it’s fine.”  

As we neared Boston we enjoyed all the lights (being able to see the sights and not having to drive to Boston is heaven for me).  We arrived in about a half hour (also a luxury, in my book) and pulled up to the hotel.  We were psyched to see that it did in fact attach to the Prudential Center, as well as to California Pizza Kitchen!  The lobby looked nice, the room looked nice, the view was pretty good; it was everything we hoped for. :) 

That night, our first night as husband and wife, I’ll never forget.  Adam told me before we fell asleep that he was proud of me.  “Oh?”  I asked.  He told me that he was proud that I was his wife, that I was a beautiful bride, so he felt proud when he was standing there and I walked in to come down the aisle.  And he was proud of me for organizing the whole wedding because it turned out amazing.  He knows me well; it’s what I’d wanted to hear for 2 and a half years, and hearing it from him, the guy who didn’t really want in on the wedding planning, to have him express his appreciation and admiration, well, that just meant the world to me.  The wedding is over, this blog is over, but our married life has just begun, and it’s off to a good start.

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Mrs. Amber Thomas

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