Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

I looked around at different wedding ceremony ideas.  No one wants their wedding ceremony to drag on and on, but after planning it for 2 years I didn't want it to be over in 5 minutes either.  I think a wedding ceremony has to walk that fine line of having meaning but not boring your guests.  

My first idea was the unity candle ceremony, but I wasn’t sure if I should do it.  Because although I’ve always loved candles, that seems religious, and I’m not sure it would be right to use them just because I think they’re pretty. 

So then I looked into the idea of a sand ceremony for my wedding.  Again, I do enjoy the beach.  And it would be really amazing to use sand from my hometown plus sand from England.  Have a piece of England right here in our home.  And the meaning of the sand ceremony is about a “blending,” and two lives becoming one. 

But then I saw another wedding ceremony sounded much more meaningful.  It seemed more like the start of a marital tradition to aid in getting through the tough times, and concretely demonstrating our love for each other throughout our marriage.  And that’s the rose ceremony

First of all, Adam’s favorite flower is a rose, and I like roses, so that works.  But that’s not all.  In the rose ceremony (please forget about The Bachelor/The Bachelorette connotations right now before you keep reading) the couple exchanges roses.  And the officiate explains that marriage is like that.  You constantly give to each other.  And even though it seems like this is just breaking even, the love makes the exchange more than, well, if we each just went out and bought a rose for ourselves, haha.  

It’s obviously more eloquent than that, but I really like that message.  That life will always be sweeter, everything we do is just so much better than being alone.  I always tell Adam how making lunch together is so much nicer than making it alone.  And now our whole life together will be better because it’s shared.

It goes on to say that after we have our first fight, and any fight we have after or any difficult time we’re going through, we should exchange roses.  That a rose will be a symbol of love and forgiveness and support from now on.  Anniversaries too, which is good because who wants just to associate roses only with fighting, haha.  But again, it’s that idea of maintaining a happy marriage.  It’s not just something that was done just on our wedding day.  It’s like a constant renewal.  I think that’s perfect.  :)

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