Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Must Have Wedding Shots List

Once I did all I could in terms of the big picture, I realized the most important thing to me right now is the photographer.  So I went through the 5 different “must have wedding photos” lists I’ve found on the internet, and a few of my own ideas that are really personal to Adam and I, and created a single list.

The list of “must have wedding shots” that seemed to have the best organization, in my mind, was organized by the timeline and then sub-categorized where warranted.  So I followed this format, took the ideas from each list that I wanted and omitted what I didn’t care about.  Then I starred the ones that are the MOST important to me, as in, I’d be upset if I didn’t get those.  I hope this is helpful for the photographer!

My Wedding Shots List

Getting Ready

-  Bride's gown hanging nicely
-  Still-life shots of the bride's jewelry, etc.
-  Groom getting ready with his groomsmen
-  Groom and groomsmen putting on boutonnieres
-  Groom's mother helping with the boutonniere
-  Groom looking into mirror adjusting tie
-  Groom's father fixing groom’s tie *
-  Candid of bride and mom getting ready
-  Candid of bride and sister getting ready
-  Putting on earrings, necklace*
-  Bride looking into mirror
-  Hairstyle
-  The shoes (meh)
-  Bride either in doorway or something else so you get a silhouette
-  Bride with bouquet  
Pre Ceremony

-  Items (at the ceremony site)
-  Wedding invitation, program, directions cards
-  Detailed shots of the bride's bouquet
-  Detailed shots of the bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets
-  Groom's boutonniere
-  “Artsy” shot of 2 wedding rings (on the invitation/program, on a flower)
-  3 rings
-  Groom’s ring in a book so the shadow makes a heart *
-  Close up of aisle runner, pomanders, arch and altar arrangement
-  Specific ceremony décor?
-  Limo ?

Spaces: (please take pictures with no one in them)
-  Groom’s dressing room
-  Brides’ dressing room
-  Reception room *
-  Candid aerial of reception (how does that even work?)
-  Exterior of the house  *
-  Picture down the aisle of aisle runner, pomanders, and altar arrangement

-  Decorations
-  Table décor
-  Close up of a table centerpiece
-  Escort cards ?
-  Wedding favors *
-  Guest book and pen set-up
-  Cake and cake table set-up *
-  Cake toppers *
-  Food set-up
-  Card Table
-  Program basket
-  Cheese and fruit table
-  Guests arriving and signing the guest book


-  Exterior and interior of the ceremony site before guests arrive
-  Mothers being seated
-  Groom entering with groomsmen
-  Musicians
-  Bridal party walking down the aisle *
-  Wedding party awaiting bride at front
-  Close-up of groom's expression while waiting for the bride *
-  Bride before walking down the aisle
-  Close-up of bride just before she makes her entrance
-  Groom's face when he first see bride walking down the aisle *
-  Bride walking down the aisle front view *
-  Bride walking down aisle, back view of train (so I’ll walk slow since it’s not a long aisle!) *
-  Bride squeezing groom’s hand at the altar
-  Bride and groom at the altar *
-  Candid during ceremony of the couple and the JP
-  Both sets of parents watching the ceremony
-  Wide shot of the altar, from the guests' point of view (windows)
-  Wide shot of the audience, from the couple's point of view
-  Readers speaking at podium
-  Long lens/long range photo of reception (is the room big enough to need this?)
-  Sweeping shot of the ceremony (us under arch plus guests’ backs)
-  Close-up of bride and groom as they recite their vows *
-  Close-up of bride and groom's hands as they exchange rings *
-  The kiss *
-  Close-up of newlyweds RIGHT after announced married *
-  Pictures of families and bridal party walking back down the aisle (bubbles) *
-  Guests exiting ceremony area

Formals after ceremony:

-          Alone *
-          With all groomsmen *
-          With each groomsman
-          With his parents (step parents if attending) *
-          With his brother
-          With his family *
-          With dad and brother *
-          With bride’s family
-          With his mother in law
-          With his father *
-          With his mother *

-          Alone *
-          With bouquet near face
-          With maid of honor *
-          With her mom *
-          With her siblings
-          With groom's family
-          With her family *
-          With her mother in law
-          With mom and sister

Just the 2 moms

Just all the siblings

Bride & Groom
-          With entire Wedding Party *
-          With each set of parents *
-          With both sets of parents *
-          With both groups of siblings *
-          With both immediate families *
-          Signing the marriage license *

Bride & Groom:  Different location?  The first or last of the formals?
-          Alone together *
-          A couple tender "Just the 2 of us" pictures
-          Groom dips bride as if dancing
-          Hands displaying rings shot *
-          Bride kissing groom on the cheek *
-          Under arch *
-          Photos of bride and groom near the ???
-          Outside if weather permits

Go to:  Candids of guests enjoying cocktail hour, leave Adam and I behind
Gather all of us and our guests for a group photo (only about 15 people!) then we’ll go to reception for dinner


-          Plate of dinner *
-          Group pictures of guests at each table
-          Lots of candids of people mingling and enjoying food *
-          Slideshow, with bride and groom watching (This is actually a lot more ME than mingling.  I think it’s very Adam, too.  Maybe we should do this with our trip photos. In fact, I think Adam might enjoy this project. 
-          Bride and groom cutting the cake *
-          Group photo of our hardworking professionals

Too much?  Anything I missed?  Readers, what do you think?  What are YOUR favorite must-have wedding shots?

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  1. Hey Amber - I can tell you're really excited now about all the wedding planning because it's more 'real' for you thanks to the visa success :)

    Anyway thought you may like to see a few of my wedding pics, I had 900 in total so these are a small selection:

    Our venue was a little island on the river Thames:

    Anyway good luck and enjoy the planning! xxx


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