Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Finding a Small Massachusetts Wedding Venue

When I found out that a third house I wanted for my small, Massachusetts wedding venue was being sold, I was crushed.

At first I was looking for homes that would work for my small wedding venue on HomeAway, but this time I started looking on VRBO and actually found TONS of homes on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  I’m not sure why there's so many more on VRBO than on HomeAway.  It must be cheaper to list there because the site is nowhere near as clean and user friendly.

I found a really amazing house in Rockport.  This place has EVERYTHING I want in a wedding venue.  Something that's not just for my vision of a grand wedding, but I want somewhere that Adam’s family is going to walk in to stay for their first visit to America and say, "Wow."  Also for wedding photos I'm determined to have a fireplace in the living room, stairs somewhere (preferably on the wall opposite the fireplace for my bride-y entrance) and a dining room with decor that's just as nice and neutral as the living room.  Plus it has the bonus of a GIANT wall of windows!  The natural light coming in will be AMAZING.  And it has a view of the ocean (from the second floor, at least) with the twin lighthouses. So after I got Adam’s okay I sent an inquiry about this house and then closed the browser window.  I wasn’t letting myself fall in love with anything AGAIN since I'm a little jaded.  I created a one page list of other possible wedding venues, though I really hope I get this one.

If this place doesn’t pan out there are 2 others that I like, but if those don't work out I'll be really just scraping by with "attractive" instead of PALATIAL (I think it's the high ceilings that really do it for me).  I sent them inquiries as well because I feel like I can’t book anything else that’s wedding related until I know that a vacation home is going to let us do the Thursday arrival/Wednesday departure thing.  So I really want to try and get our wedding venue sorted out quickly.

The second house I Emailed about is in Marblehead, which is very close by.  Probably 15-20 minutes away instead of a solid 30.  The only thing I’m unsure about is it is SO white.  I couldn't live in a house like that for fear of staining everything ever, haha.  But white is pretty weddingy, has the fireplace and a nice staircase/ceremony layout so I think it could work! 

The third is in Rockport just like the first.  I was confused about the pricing and availability, but it had all of the above that I wanted plus gorgeous views outdoors and the decor is just SO pretty inside that I just had to ask.  It has a fireplace, high ceilings, an INDOOR WATERFALL.  But, well, it's blue.  Which is SO not usually me, but I dunno, it just really spoke to me!  So I’d have to rethink my wedding color scheme completely (for the third time) but hey, who’s counting?  *eyetwitch*

My number one choice got back to me, and the house IS available!

The rate IS reasonable!

They can’t let me look inside because someone is staying there, but they’ll let me drive by tomorrow afternoon since there won’t be anyone arriving until the following day.

I’m SO happy.  I’ve finally found a beautiful venue that’s completely affordable.


No I didn’t.

I started to get cold feet about this place yesterday.  At first it was little things, like could we move the sectional couches out of the “ceremony area.”  Then it was, “How will I block off the view into the loft before I descend the staircase?”  And finally, I was a little bothered by the fact that I wasn’t going to be allowed to look inside the house. 

Today did nothing to ease my concerns.

First of all, it took a lot longer to get to than I was expecting.  The drive there was NOT smooth sailing (I hate Route 128 anyway, so for it to come to a sudden end with rotaries was weird). 

Second, I got lost.  At first I didn’t even mind; it’s THAT beautiful up there.  I could see the ocean to my right, the homes were amazing, the sun was shining, it was just the sort of day that makes you feel life is GOOD.

Until a half hour of being lost went by.  And my GPS gave up.  I didn’t even get a “Turn around when possible.”  It just went quiet.  I had to stop at a Bed and Breakfast to ask for directions. 

And couldn’t help thinking that although it’s picture perfect now, that is no indication of what it’s going to look like in February.  And even worse, what was the DRIVE going to be like in February?  If it took me a solid 40 minutes to get there on dry roads, it was going to be more like an hour and a half on ice.  Every day, round trip for a week so I can pick up his family and take them out to dinner and sight-see in my hometown 40 minutes away.  While I’m working and finalizing plans for my wedding.

I couldn’t do it.

I took some pictures.  I tried to estimate indoor measurements by counting my paces around the perimeter of the house.  I wracked my brains that night trying to figure out how I could make this work.

I can’t.

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