Saturday, September 10, 2011

Planning My Wedding FOR REAL Finally: Getting Organized

Since Adam needed a break from visa/wedding stuff, I started to get myself organized.  No messing around now.  Very soon we'll set a date and I will be actually making appointments, making real choices (as opposed to just getting inspiration) and paying deposits.  So first, I went through my computer files and made sure everything was sorted correctly into folders: 

  • Cake
  • Catering, venues, and reception
  • Ceremony
  • Dress, hair, makeup, veil, shoes and jewelry
  • Flowers, colors, and decorations
  • Invitations and other paper
  • Legal, financial, and clerical
  • Music
  • Photography and video
  • Winter wedding ideas
  • Reception tablescapes

Then I went through all the junk…I mean, information, I’ve received from 2 years worth of bridal shows.  I already have a folder of my top choices for most everything, along with receipts and contracts.  And for the rest, I actually did sort it once before, but subsequent shows needed resorting.  I threw out repeats, labeled the files similar to above, and weeded out things that I really don’t think I’m going to need to look at, like up-lighting and DJs.  I bought a file box dedicated to all the wedding information as opposed to keeping it in the shopping bags they came in at the bridal shows.  It’s a lot more manageable to look at than it was.

I know some people swear by “wedding planning books.”  I haven’t looked at one.  I don’t see the point.  Writing in a binder?  In this day in age?  No way; everything is on the computer for me.  The hard copy information I get can be filed, but I’m not writing anything.  Any hard copies that I want to pursue go onto the computer.  In each of the above folder categories I save pictures of visuals that I like.  I create a word documents containing links to websites that are annotated (such as excerpts with key info, location, prices, specifics I want from each, and my emotional response to items: lots of capitals is good, “meh” is not).  And finally, when I have some prices to compare I create an excel spreadsheet. 

Once Adam talks to his family about flights in February, my next step will be to call the venue and photographer.  So far, he’s the only pro that I have my heart set on, so I am willing to move the wedding a day or two if it means he’ll be available. 

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