Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Looking for Bride and Groom Cake Toppers with Adam

As Adam and I were looking at wedding cakes, he had pointed out the flowers on top, and I told him that it seems that is the done thing nowadays.  Even though I’ve always kinda thought flowers on cake is weird.  They’re not edible, and don’t seem to belong.  I told him I wasn’t sure what I wanted for a cake topper.  Monogrammed wedding cake toppers, initial wedding cake toppers, hearts on the top tier; I wasn’t limiting my options yet.  So he mentioned that he likes the traditional bride and groom on the top of the cake.

I was SO psyched!  Adam with an opinion on the wedding d├ęcor!?  The cake was one thing, but this was a total shock!  And not only that, but secretly, I kinda wanted a couple for a wedding cake topper too!  I feared people might think the bride and groom on the top of the wedding cake would look a little kitchy, a little bit old fashioned, but it’s for a wedding;  If you can’t be over the top romantic then, then when?  So yes, I told him if he liked the idea, it will be so.

I told him that there was one I found at a local craft store with the couple embracing, and he asked to see but I couldn’t find it again.  So he encouraged me to keep looking, and he looked as well.  And we found cake toppers above that were by one of the same designers that I found, but it was a little bit raunchier than we wanted.  There were funny ones too, and really pretty ones, but not the couple I had in mind to show him.

 So after looking a long time, he finally found a nice, traditional one of the groom carrying the bride.  I loved it.  Not only is it nice on its own, and one I probably would have picked, but just the fact that HE chose it too sealed the deal.  We looked at a few more, (above) and there were a few nice ones, ones that both of us agreed on, but the initial butterflies I got when he picked that one weren’t there for any of those, so that’s definitely the most romantic option in my book.  Wow.

Aww :)

I know what they say, that while the marriage itself is about the couple, planning a wedding is really all about the bride, she should just pick what she likes, and the man doesn’t care anyway.  And it took me a while to get used to this, but I did.  After all, if he and I were butting heads for the whole wedding planning stuff, that wouldn’t be fun.  But to have something we agree on for OUR WEDDING felt amazing.  Not sure agreeing on wedding details is the best predictor of agreement during the marriage overall, but it can’t hurt.


  1. cute choice, and so sweet that he picked it out! the traditional b&g didn't work out for us, cause we don't hardly look like any of the couples out there! i'd need a bride carrying the groom! haha

  2. Very nice! And really sweet that he wanted to be part of it :o)

  3. The Mr. hasn't decided on anything thus far but has disagreed with a few things so that can get annoying but for the most part, I make all the decisions and he just oohs or aahs. Really nice topper.

  4. I like the couple on the top of a wedding cake! It's very traditional from what I have seen. i fell in love when I found out you can have some custom made like on Etsy. That way you both don't have to have blonde hair :)

  5. I love the one you guys finally decided on!

  6. @ Penga: Well, I doubt Adam would be able to ACTUALLY carry me over the threshold, but it's a romantic little representation ;)

    @ Ghenet & JEM: That's was the real kicker for me too, the fact that he had some say :)

    @ ginger bride: Back when I picked out the topper Etsy scared me, haha. So vast. And the price was right at Micheals when I went in with my coupon.

    @ Big Apple Nosh: Thanks :) I do like traditional decor, and that's about as traditional as they come! :D


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