Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Outdoor Summer Wedding: Wedding Guest Pet Peeves

Another thing I learned from the wedding planning website was biggest “guest pet peeves.”  Apparently, many summer wedding guests hate sitting in the hot sun for a ceremony.  When I was a kid, and felt the warm sun on me as I watched my uncle’s wedding, I thought it felt kind of nice, and peaceful.  Of course I knew I’d need a tent in case of rain, but I didn’t think I’d have to erect it in case of SUN to shield my guests from the Vitamin D and golden rays. But now that they mention it, I could see this being a problem depending on the time of year and the temperature. No one likes to be sweaty.

I guess I didn’t really think about what my responsibilities to my guests would be for a summer wedding.  I had the common sense to plan on seating for the ceremony and bottled water under the seats.  But having a tent in case of sun?  An air conditioner designed for tents?  Holding a morning or evening ceremony?  I hadn’t thought about that.  And I didn’t like these options either.

A tent would ruin the feeling I was going for, the whole point of having a summer outdoor wedding.  The feel of the sun smiling down on us and the expansive feeling that the blue skies would provide, would all be covered up and wreck our photos.  A morning ceremony?  Well, we’re not morning people.  Plus Adam wants a nice plated dinner for our reception (not sure a multi-course lunch is really ideal).  And an evening reception would lend itself more to expectations of dancing, which we don’t want.  Plus it would mean our pictures aren’t golden summer afternoon shots.  

But they definitely had a point.  If I DON’T consider how to keep cool, I’ll sweat in my dress.  My makeup will run.  My hair will droop.  Adam’s going to be in a wool suit and pass out.  My guests will feel tortured.

Maybe an outdoor summer wedding isn’t a good idea.

But if I don’t have a summer wedding, I don’t get a week to spend with his family here, to return the hospitality that they paid me.  I don’t get a few weeks between work and wedding to unwind and prepare.  I don’t get a few weeks between work and wedding to get Adam moved in and acclimated to living here.  If we don’t have an outdoor summer wedding, there goes all my ideas for lawn games as entertainment and getting our families and friends interacting.  And of course as a teacher, I don’t want this to be me.  And a small point, but I’d like to start out a new school year with a new name so as not to confuse my students.

And thinking ahead to the future, I want an anniversary in the summer.  Ideally on the same day he proposed (August 15) but more so, I associate summer time with “our” season.  It’s when we met in person, and my happiest memories with Adam are in the summer.  I equate summer with romance now.  I really want a summer wedding.  Readers, do you have any other suggestions for me on the best way to make this work?  

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  2. I intend to erect a small tent for our outdoor nuptials in my parent's backyard for the traditional Cambodian ceremonies (4 1/2 hr long) but for our western walk down the aisle on the beach, there will be no tent, umbrella or whatever. A tent would totally ruin it. Just the sand and the sun. I think most of my guests won't mind our 30 minute ceremony. I am going to provide fans and suggest shades. Our ceremony is also at 6:30 and late May weather isn't too hot (I hope). I do suggest sun parasols, they are inexpensive, colorful and whimsy! Another great place for a summer ceremony is under some shaded trees.

  3. my cousin had an outdoor wedding, and she had a tent. it was perfect for the reception, but for the ceremony she didn't need a tent from the sun, she just had chairs on the lawn and there were a few trees around providing shade if people wanted it. her ceremony was so short that the heat really wasn't an issue anyways, but i do think if you plan on having the reception outdoors later on as well you might want to contemplate having a tent?

  4. How about using a wooden lattice shade structure and intertwining greenery and flowers through it? It would have a very romantic and summery feel while providing excellent shade.

  5. I always dreamed of a reception in a tent! They can be so lovely.

    If it is sunny you need something for guests - umbrellas? I had to stand in the sun once for a wedding ceremony and got really burnt!

  6. I had a May wedding. It really was too hot to have the ceremony outside...but we took pictures outside that turned out great!

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  7. Thanks for the advice all. I'm still sort of anti tent though, I have to admit. I can't help but feel like if I make the effort to rent a big beautiful vacation home it would be silly to rent a tent for 20 people. Plus the fact that if it rains and the ground gets muddy I don't want to drag my train through the mud. I'm leaning more toward the idea of renting something with an open floor plan so we could stay inside if need be. We'll see.

  8. I say let them sweat if the ceremony is short enough and they can move indoors or under shade for the reception.
    We are serving lemonade before and having a really short ceremony at 5, but I know it will be warm. I just hope they don't all stare daggers at me for making them roast a bit.

  9. When people are invited to an outdoor wedding, they usually dress appropriately and plan accordingly. I recommend not having a very lengthly ceremony and yes, bottled water or fan programs would be great! But most of all make sure your wedding reflect what you and your fiance want, the season, the time of day... everything. They are there for YOU, not the other way around :)

    We're having an outdoor ceremony too but it's completely covered with ceiling fans. We're also DIYing some water bottle labels and putting them in a couple buckets filled with ice to keep them cool.

  10. I'm sure the wedding has already come and gone, buuuuuuut I wanted to say offering parasols or even a temporary tent for the guests to sit under that can be quickly taken down for photos might be nice. Some people do burn easily in just five minutes and who wants that? :)


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