Friday, February 26, 2010

Looking at Womens Wedding Rings Some More!

Since my three ideas about what my wedding band should be were all turning out to be NOT ideal, I wasn’t sure what I wanted in womens wedding rings anymore.  But the good news was I still had LOADS of time.  Over a year to try to find a nice two tone gold wedding band.  Which means I got to look online at LOTS of pretties!
SO romantic!  If only Adam didn’t hate his handwriting.  With his OCD I just know he’d find something about his writing that he’d forever hate and obsess over when he looked down at my left hand.  Such a shame.  There’s so many pretty womens wedding rings along with the handwritten one here though.  Some with paisley, and wedding vows.  I could look at rings for hours (and I have).

Plus I don't want to deviate TOO much from the look of my rounded band, two tone round solitaire engagement ring.

I could go with my first wish for a plain yellow gold band.  If I chose something very thin it would give prominence to my engagement ring, and if I chose something rounded it would not only be very traditional, but mirror the contours of my engagement ring.  But again, I feared that it wouldn’t sit right up against my diamond.  So I realized that what I’d really like was a band that coordinates with my engagement ring.  One that is two tone, and has a twist.  That would look best, and that would mean there would be a notch that my diamond could fit beside.  But I figured that was going to be impossible.  How do you go about searching online for womens wedding rings that coordinate with a unique looking ring from a tiny family shop?

Eventually, after aimless searching of Google Images I found a ring online that is along the idea of what I wanted.  It’s very pretty, but it looks like white gold instead of yellow, which I prefer.  As I read on I learned it's actually “palladium,” whatever that is.  But at least I learned something.  First, the twist design for womens wedding rings DOES exist outside of Totang.  Second, it seems that the twist style is called an eternity band.  Ah ha!  So I continued my search, still hoping for a two tone gold wedding band.  And I found this:

Now we’re talking!  I found that that wedding ring here.  I like the yellow gold better than palladium, and that notch would DEFINITELY allow for my round diamond to nestle in.  I was finally getting somewhere!
And then I came across this ring that nicely tapers and this really cheap two tone ring (so I fear the yellows will look different,) and it’s cubic zirconia instead of diamonds.  But the funny thing about these two rings, that I just happened to come across using a Google Image search, is that they just happen to be at a shop that’s about a 2 minute walk from where Adam got my engagement ring!  Adam said we can go to HSamuel this summer; so I’m excited!


  1. Oooh - I like the 1st one. Can they put the handwriting on the inside if he doesn't like his writing? I almost like it better - it's like a little secret you know it's there but you wouldn't have it on the outside for the whole world to see. :)

  2. I think eternity bands are actually the ones with stones that go all the way around. But I feel your pain when it comes to finding a matching wedding band. My husband and I are going to have to have a jeweler from the store we bought our ring from custom design a piece that goes with my unique engagement ring.

  3. I loved the second one the channel band with diamond. Engagement rings and wedding bands should be unique to the couple. I have no diamonds on my band and wish I did but the band is precious to me.


  4. I actually wanted to get a palladium ring. I have heard/researched great things about it moreso than gold. Just look into it and go with what you think will suit you best.

    Those are pretty cool looking rings. We didn't want to go with a separate band so my engagement ring converted to my wedding ring on our wedding day :)

  5. i love those rings! i'm still a little old fashioned in the sense that i prefer gold than palladium :)

    my husband designed my wedding band (as a surprise) and i, surprisingly, love it (i'm very picky).

  6. i love the first one too!!! love it. good luck on the search!

  7. Hi Amber! I just wanted to let you know that you won the ice cream cone earrings on my blog, What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?! Congratulations! Would you email me at emmapillsbury (at) gmail (dot) com so I can arrange to get them to you? Thanks! :)

  8. @Danielle: Oh wicked cool, thank you! I Emailed.

    And Adam, if you're reading this, that would be a GLEE blog. Oh yes :D

    @ Dancy: Nah, he'd still obsess. Like I said, OCD. But it's okay, the engraving will be special :)

    @ Jessica: Weird, I wonder why the website I saw called it an eternity ring. Oh well. Going the custom route is a good idea, I suppose it couldn't hurt to get a price from Totang to see what they'd charge since we've given them our business before.

    @ Jenn: I'm glad my engagement ring is a solitaire, but I'm still torn about if I want diamonds on the wedding band. We'll see.

    @ Mrs. Beever: I know palladium does have its advantages, but I really want the rings to coordinate :) So hopefully I'll find something I love :)

    @ Redwhitebride: That's cool that he designed it! Very unique :)

    @ Jacin: Thanks :)


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