Monday, February 1, 2010

Massachusetts Wedding Venues: Vacation Home Rental

I looked at a number of Massachusetts wedding venues before I realized a vacation home would be the best option for me.  For my outdoor wedding I wanted a nice yard, with a decent interior in case the weather did not cooperate.  That is, one that is neutral and won’t clash with my wedding colors.  No wood paneling on the walls, no pink carpet, no blue anything.  And I really was kidding myself thinking that it didn’t matter if it was near the water.  I want it near the water!  I wanted it to look as nice as your typical Massachusetts wedding venues but be more scaled down to accommodate 25 guests, and have enough bedrooms for Adam’s family to stay the week on their trip to America.

Well, as I kept looking at places, I realized a few other things that were important to me.  I wanted a porch or deck.  It would be a perfect place to have a buffet set up.  And I wanted an open floor plan so that it felt open enough for all the guests.  A grand foyer would be ideal, but an open floor plan at least would work.  As for the yard, I didn’t want it to be close to neighbors.  That’s one advantage typical Massachusetts wedding venues have over your average yard: they’re nowhere near the road.  I’ll need something set back a bit.

At first I was looking at 2 bedroom homes.  Then reality hit me that for the number of visitors Adam had coming, it needs to be 3 or even 4 bedrooms, especially if I want to kick him out and make sure he doesn’t see me the morning of the wedding.

Well, I found THE most gorgeous house tonight [Edit: the direct link stopped working, but you can now scroll down a bit and it's the first listing].  It’s totally on par with your typical Massachusetts wedding venues.  It looks like an estate with a gorgeous garden, 5 bedrooms, all glass doors on the bottom, a pond, balconies galore a little swinging chair on the wrap around porch.  I mean, ENDLESS photo ops at this place.  I would not miss the luxury of a function hall at all here.  In fact, it’s so breathtakingly amazing I think it just might be worth it to cheap out on flowers if it means I can be in that amazing garden.  I can't WAIT to set a date; I'm so excited.  This is the house I want to marry Adam in!



  1. That's great! The link didn't work, but I'm sure it's a great venue option :) Thanks for your comments on my blog and becoming a follower :) Have a great week!

  2. Thanks for letting me know, I found a work around for the broken link. (I didn't want to just take the photos from the rental site without permission).


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