Tuesday, August 25, 2009

So Do You Have a Wedding Date Yet?

Daydreaming about planning a wedding in Massachusetts, checking out wedding sites, and being congratulated on my recent engagement, NEVER gets old.  On the other hand, the question that has bugged me, like, from day one, is, “So do you have a wedding date yet?” 

“Well, no, we haven’t set a date.”

*Sour face*

“Well, he has to apply for a Visa before we set a date, of course.”

“So how long does that take?”

“Well, we don’t know…”

The other thing that bugs me is the fact that we can’t even start the Visa application process, due to some personal family issues.  So hearing, “Do you have a wedding date,” makes me cringe awkwardly every time.  I’m thinking and hoping and wishing and praying for a wedding date in the summer of 2011.  The issues are supposed to be worked out in a year’s time, so we can apply for the Visa, and then I can start booking vendors.  And I really want a wedding date in the summer, since I like outdoor wedding sites, plus as a teacher I have all that time off to get ready, get married, go on a honeymoon, and help Adam get settled into life in America.  Yet Adam doesn’t want me telling people at work a wedding date that in case we have to change it.  Which I totally understand. 

It’s just awkward when people bug you.  Do they think you haven’t thought about it?  Do they think I’m not DYING to set a date?  Don’t you think I’m checking out wedding sites and everything else and getting anxiety over whether things will book up?  If we didn’t want to be married, the whole engagement thing would not have happened, so do they think they’re being cute rushing us?  I feel like telling them, “You’ll be the first to know.”  Sorry mom, I’m calling the busybodies with a wedding date first. 


  1. Amen, sister! Even though D and I decided on September 2012, we weren't all about setting a date at first because I want to graduate college and pay off some of my debt before we tie the knot. So I know what it's like having 200 people asking you, "Have you set a date?" and you wanted to turn into a giant, fire-breathing bridezilla who screams, "NO! WE HAVEN'T! LEAVE ME ALONE!" :-p

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  3. "...and you wanted to turn into a giant, fire-breathing bridezilla who screams, "NO! WE HAVEN'T! LEAVE ME ALONE!" :-p" --Red

    Haha, I almost put a similar line into my original blog. It went more down the road of "rip their head off and..." but I thought, "Calm down Amber, that's not very bride-ish, and this is your wedding blog after all ;)


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