Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting Engagement Fever

The last few weeks were agonizing.  I was getting engagement fever and could not stop thinking about when my engagement ring was going to be ready.  Our romantic engagement was hinging on the speed and will of craftsman instead of our love for each other, and I felt frustrated.  I was tired of waiting to get engaged and thinking about all the different romantic wedding proposals that he could be planning.  I just wanted to get engaged now.

The last two days on the other hand, the wait felt MUCH different.  It felt more like the joy I felt when Adam proposed that he propose.  This time I was waiting for Adam.  And I know and trust Adam.  I knew he wouldn’t keep me waiting too long, and the only reason he was thinking about romantic wedding proposals make me happy.

I had reminded Adam a few days ago about the picnic we planned to have this summer at East Carlton Park.  He jumped on the idea, secured a ride and checked the weather and it was on.  So last night I wondered.  Would this be where he’ll be proposing?  I hinted, “That will be romantic,” hoping he’d interpret it to mean, “Bring the ring with you.”

The more I thought about it, the more I wished that the park was where he would propose.  East Langton Park was beautiful, quiet, and since that’s where we had our first date, it would be the best marriage proposal location.  I really wanted this to be it!  But I couldn’t tell him I thought that would be the perfect proposal.  Sure I nudged him in that direction in case he was struggling or stressing for an idea.  But he deserved the opportunity to decide where, when, and how he wanted to ask me and present the engagement ring that he was so proud of.  I really had to keep telling myself that though he knows me well, he’s not a mind reader, so if his proposal wasn’t tomorrow it was okay.  I finally figured out how to live with a non-proposal at the park.  I decided that with or without the ring, the picnic would still be fun and romantic.  It could just be a precursor to the surprise engagement.  As though the proposal he set up for me was spread over multiple days.  And what I needed to do was to enjoy our picnic and just assume he would not propose there, or I’d end up wasting the day instead of having a nice time.
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James Jordan


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  1. LOL @ "hoping he'd interpret that to mean bring the ring with you."

    My boyfriend would never get that hint. I'm glad it worked out how you hoped! :)


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