Sunday, March 7, 2010

Looking at Bridesmaids Dresses

I want a very traditionally themed wedding, I started looking at long, formal bridesmaids dresses.  In terms of color, I’d decided to step slightly out of my comfort zone (which is neutrals) and indulge in my new found interest in deep, rich color.  My color palette (provided we can in fact have a summer wedding) is raspberry, orange and plum.  The plum is for Adam, since he loves purple.  The orange is for me, because I love fall colors, and the raspberry seems to be the way to go to bring the two colors together in a warm, complementary way (instead of a clashing clown suit way).  Think jewel tones.  Or as another blogger recently said, think “sunset.”  I love that.  I hope she doesn’t mind me using that term! 

So when I thought about which of those 3 colors the bridesmaid dress would be, it was really about process of elimination.  An orange dress would not really say “traditional wedding here.”  If I tried to put my gothic sibling in a pink dress, she’d cuss me out and I’d end up with no maid of honor that day.  So the obvious choice for me is purple bridesmaid dresses!

But the question is, 

First              Second              Third              Fourth

The purples look elegant:

 I think they're gorgeous!  But I don't think I'd like orange and raspberry next to them.

I love the plum dresses even more.  I hope they’re not too pinkish for Adam and my sister’s taste.

I even looked at shorter bridesmaid dresses here.

I’m a little torn.  I DO want a formal, traditional look to the wedding, but on the other hand, I want it outside.  Will it look silly to be in formal gowns outside?  My dress has a train, so I think it’s a little too late to worry about being too formal and time to just embrace it.  I just hope my sister’s okay with it.  Then again, she and I are very different, but we do both love to dress up (just so happens she likes to be over the top in black and metal, but it’s still basically playing dress up).  So I’ll probably get away with it.


  1. I rather like purple, personally, though the pictures are a bit like spot the difference...all very lovely, can I be a bridesmaid? :P

    And there's absolutely nothing wrong with formal gowns worn outside ;)

  2. I'm with Flix, purple all the way. I think Adam would like that too!

  3. Oh and formal :-) I used to work at a hotel and I saw plenty of formal dresses outside. They worked perfectly well and brought a bit of classy glamour to the day's events.

  4. this is kind of pathetic but i liked the plum dresses in the kardashian wedding haha :)

  5. You know, its your wedding and you do what you want. I was in the same exact boat! We are having a semi informal reception...informal because it is out on a farm (underneath a tent), but nonetheless. Our boys are wearing blue suit coats and khakis. But the dress I feel in love with is super elegant. And at first I was worried that it would fit with the theme, but I've come to realize it doesn't matter. Its what we want...and I just fell in love with it. Everything will be perfect in the end!!

  6. I don't see a problem with formal gowns worn outside.
    About the colors...they both look so pretty, but I believe the purple looks better with the orange.
    It is just my opinion though... it is your wedding!!!


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