Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picking Out My Unique Diamond Engagement Ring

After months of planning and looking and daydreaming, Adam finally brought me to pick out my engagement ring setting.  His family’s jeweler is a tiny place called Totang, in the shopping area of Kettering in England.  I looked at a lot of settings online, but when we arrived at the shop I was STILL unsure what I wanted.  I showed the man the heirloom round diamond that would go in my engagement ring, and I let him know I wanted to look at yellow gold diamond solitaires but I’d also like to see two tone engagement rings.  He nodded and pulled out a little stand with 9 different round diamond engagement rings.

Immediately, one ring in particular stood out.  The plain yellow gold diamond solitaires were just okay.  The two tone engagement rings that had a twisty style were unique diamond engagement rings but I didn’t think a wedding band would fit nicely against those.  No, the one I liked right away looked very classic.  It had just one groove in it where the rounded yellow meets the rounded white gold, making it interesting but practical next to a band.  It looked perfect to me. 

It surprised me that after all the round diamond engagement rings I’d seen, how quick and simple the choice was.  I thought I was going to have to sleep on this decision.  After all, I’m going to wear this unique diamond engagement ring forever, so I want to be able to always look at this symbol of our love and commitment with fondness. I didn’t think this tiny shop was going to have enough variety, but I didn’t need to see any others.  That was my ring.

The jeweler sized my finger (in England they use letter sizes instead of numbers like here).  I’d printed out ahead of time a little sizing chart and thought I was an M ½ (how can a letter be halved?) but when he checked he told me I’m an M.  So Adam placed the order for my engagement ring and the man told him it would be six weeks.

Six weeks!?

I was leaving in less than 5!

“I can have it ready on August 22.”

“We drive Amber to the airport that day.”

Well, he told us to come back after he made some calls, and let us know he could have my engagement ring ready for the 20th.  I was still disappointed because it didn’t seem like that was giving Adam a big window for planning his proposal.  And we wouldn’t have much time together as an engaged couple either.  Yet I didn’t want them to rush it.  I knew Adam had wanted me there to get the fit perfect, but I found myself really wishing he had picked a solitaire engagement ring before I arrived.  But what was done was done.  I left with mixed feelings.  My unique diamond engagement ring was going to be beautiful, I was beyond thrilled that Adam was taking this huge step and we were entering a new level of commitment, but I was so anxious about the timing of the proposal.


  1. I wish I can see your diamond ring in a closer look. Nonetheless, it already looks spectacular in the picture. That diamond stone standing in the center of the bond makes it more precious and elegant. :]

  2. Thanks! That's so nice to hear, especially with my first anniversary less than two weeks away. :)


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