Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thinking About Engagement Ring Bands

Just as the engagement was not a surprise, neither was my diamond engagement ring.  Now, some people think that it’s not as special or romantic when brides pick out their own unique diamond engagement rings.  And I definitely understand that.  It would have been extremely exciting if I arrived at Heathrow airport and Adam got down on one knee then and there and opened a little box with this surprise glittery thing he picked for me.  But that’s not who Adam is.  And honestly, that’s not my idea of the perfect proposal either.  I like to have control.  I don’t like sudden changes in plans.  And since I’m going to be wearing this ring for the rest of my life, call me greedy and materialistic, but I am really happy Adam let me have a say in it.

Plus looking around for engagement rings online is FUUUUU-UUUUNNNNN!!!

As I’ve said, I was never the type to daydream about my future wedding, or bridal gown, or wedding cake.  And I wasn’t sure what I wanted for an engagement ring.  But since Adam wanted me to go with him to pick out the engagement ring setting to ensure the proper fit, I had 2 months to figure it out.  So I (we…but mostly I) looking at engagement rings online see what’s out there.  I played with those tools online that let you pick a setting and a diamond with the 4Cs within a price range.  I started paying attention to women’s hands at work, thinking “hmm, it looks like white gold engagement rings are in style but not for me…Ooh, I like that unique engagement ring, but I’m not sure I like that wedding band with it.  I wonder if I need to get an engagement ring set to prevent that gap between them that she has…” I learned all about shape, cut, color, clarity, carat, weight and certification.  I looked at the different metals, which are more durable and which are more economical.  I looked at 6 prongs as opposed to 4 prongs.  But mostly I just wanted to see what unique diamond engagement rings looked pretty.

I found that I kept thinking back to mom’s wedding rings.  She had a solitaire engagement ring with a round stone, in yellow gold (and I later learned white gold too) with some grooves going around the band.  Well, I’ve always liked round stones the best so when I looked at different cuts it was no contest.  And I like yellow gold best, but I thought looking at two tone engagement rings would be a good idea because then it would match all my jewelry. And I suppose it might be because of mom’s ring, but when I think “engagement ring” I’ve always thought of round cut diamond solitaire engagement rings, so that’s what I wanted.   
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  1. That ring is GORGEOUS! I'm totally with you on getting a say in what the ring looks like. I'm a control freak, but mostly, I reasoned that if I have to wear a ring forever I should get a say in what it looks like. :) Congrats!

  2. Thanks :) I wasn't sure WHAT I wanted for the style of the band, so long as it was a round solitaire. Like I said I guess it didn't matter too much, I was just happy it was coming from Adam :)


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