Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wedding Week (Friday) My Last Day of Work Before the Wedding

It was hard getting ready for work this morning knowing that not only did I have to leave Adam, I also had to leave his family!  They would only be in this country for a week, and here I was going to miss a whole day with them.  Still, I figured it would be good for Adam to spend some time with just them.  He could enjoy more than he would having to split his focus between them and me.  Maybe.  It was only one day, in any case.

So I went to school, bursting with excitement.  I knew I’d never last the day if I focused on the fact that I was going to be getting married soon, so I tried to just live in the moment.  After all, the kids would probably be slightly buzzed knowing that a week of vacation was about to start for them too.  So I should just enjoy the last day with them that I’d get for a little while.

Even still, I was sort of looking forward to a little celebration with them.  See, one of the “Room Mothers” said something about having a wedding shower for me with the kids very early in the year when I mentioned I’d be getting married in February.  And on Monday she sent a note asking, “Will you be here all week?  Just curious” with a little wink.  I was a little uncomfortable; I didn’t want to put it in writing for a parent that I was taking 2 days off, but I was also a little excited.  So I wrote, “I will definitely be here Friday.”

And yet, at the end of the day…nothing.  The kids didn’t have anything for me and none of the parents dropped in with anything.  I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t disappointing.  But even more so, it was a little disturbing.  Why did she write that note if she wasn’t planning something?

In spite of that hitch, the day went smoothly.  As they left, along with “Have a fun vacation,” I told them, “This is the last time you’ll call me Miss Dawn!”  I left a note on the board for Monday morning and signed it “Mrs. Thomas.”  I changed it in a few key spots around the room, knowing I’d miss it in some places and discover it later, which I decided to look forward to instead of worry about.  Because it felt a little like putting a stranger’s name in my classroom.  It was almost like I was giving up my room to someone else.  And I felt a little sad knowing the name I was used to hearing from certain sweet children would not be said in their little voices again.  For a while it would sound like a stranger’s name to me and to them, and they’d be awkward when they said it.  But if my old name got “uncovered” bit by bit as the year went on, and gradually corrected, we would all adjust to it.

As for the day itself, once AGAIN Adam and his family got amazing weather.  I told Adam that next year when the bitter cold rolls in and he’s complaining to his family they’re going to think he’s making it up.  I knew they’d be splitting their time between Salem and Haverhill with my mom.  She took them to The Loft and to Vinnen Square.  Adam started to recognize the area since he’d been to Swampscott for an appointment with an immigration approved doctor.  And they had a great time getting to know my mom, keeping busy, enjoying shopping and having another nice meal out.

On my way out the door at work I got lots of well wishes from colleagues, which made me feel warm inside.  It made up for the lack of notice from my class (cause it’s not the children who dropped the ball, it was the Room Mothers).  And I felt like a lottery winner anyway, because vacation was really starting and I’d be married soon!  Part of this vacation would be super busy, but then the second half I would have enough time to relax at home and get some things done.  Everything was going the way I hoped.

That night Aled and Sarah led the way because they figured out how to walk from the house to Fresh Taste of Asia (where I had another Groupon).  The food was pretty good, and the company was very good.  I’d left a menu for Mandee’s Pizza for Adam’s family, which was a big hit.  They got to have an evening to relax, and they enjoyed the pizza very much.  Except David who wasn’t used to so much eating out and was happy to have an evening to just have some home cooking (my soups were a big hit).  So all in all, another successful night.

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