Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Wedding Day Part 2: Hair and Makeup

Despite mom’s freak-outs this morning, we made it to the salon on time without further incident.  Normally when I get my hair cut at Wavelengths they offer me coffee, and I decline.  I figure they’re there to cut my hair, not to serve me.  Plus I don’t need the jitters when I’m trying to keep still.  But today I said, “Yes, please!”  As long as people were OFFERING today, I might as well accept a little pampering!

Nicole, my regular stylist, remembered I wanted my hair down and curled, but before she got started, she asked me if I had the sides up for the veil.  I said I didn’t think so (I remembered getting it styled elsewhere and preferring it completely down).  I checked my camera, kicked myself because it wasn’t there, and almost repeated, “Leave it all down,” until I realized they were on my phone.  And sure enough, they were up.  I told her how I nearly lost my veil and tiara, so since I had a freak out yesterday I got it out of the way for today (so far).  It helped that Nicole chatted away as she worked; she didn’t give me time to think or dwell on anything.  Hair was soon done, and it pretty much looked like before, so I was happy.

So next was makeup with Lauren.  It still took a long time, and my sister (dunno where she came from) and mom even dropped in before heading to CVS for a while, but I told her not to worry, no need to rush.  She laughed about that, but the fact was, I didn’t like my makeup the first time around.  But when she finished today I was MUCH happier.  Maybe my judgment was clouded by stress over it making me late for Adam’s appointment the last time, whereas today I felt like I had a lot more time before the ceremony.  Or maybe it was the “bridal glow” they talked about.  Which I DID notice when I woke up this morning, if I do say so myself.  I was pretty much fine leaving the house without any makeup this morning.  So either way, I felt ready (visually, at least).

As I waited for mom to come back, I checked my phone messages and saw that Mike (the photographer) had called.  He left a message saying he was locked out and no one was home!  My first thought was he went to my home address, not Winter Street because there was no way Adam’s family and friends were anywhere else (the venue was a vacation home I rented for the week so that they had a place to stay while visiting from England).  Well, when I called he said it was fine, he was in now (good thing, since it had been 20 minutes) and he was photographing the men.  So we set out for the house.

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