Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday: Our Wedding Day Part 1 (Staying Calm, Freaking Out, and Cake)

Considering today was my wedding day, I didn’t sleep that badly.  I think I slept better than I did the night before a friend’s wedding a few years ago.  The phone rang at 7:30 with confirmation about the wedding cake, and I pretty much gave up on sleeping then (though it did set my mind at ease; I’d called yesterday for confirmation since I hadn’t spoken to them in weeks and they were shut).

I laid in bed until 8:45, just letting my mind wander a little.  My thoughts were very calm.  I just kept thinking, “This is it.  It’s my wedding day.  Never mind how much preparation went into it.  It won’t all go perfectly.  And it’s not 2 ½ years long, even though I’ve had that long to think about it.  Today has less than 24 hours left now.  But that’s okay.  Just try to enjoy and remember every moment you can.”  And that really worked to keep me calm.

The cake arrived shortly after 9, with apologies from the driver for being late, but it was fine because I allowed wiggle room in the day's schedule.  Mom and I didn’t need to leave until 10.  He asked where it would be set up, and I said not here, it’s going to Salem.  He looked at me like I was crazy, saying he could have brought it to Salem!  I said, “Not New Hampshire, Massachusetts.  It would have been another $80.”  “Oh.  Yeah, I don’t blame you then.”  Hehe.  So he put it on the counter I indicated, since the other one wasn’t cleared off.  Unfortunately, the box was so tall it was hanging off the edge, which made me nervous.  He also told me that we can’t drive with the topper on, because it would certainly fall.  I was annoyed about that; I thought, “Then why did I have to lend it to you in the first place!?”  But that was just nerves so I kept quiet and tried to take in what he was showing me for getting it on top.  After using the upstairs restroom he was on his way, mom finished her shower, I grabbed a yogurt, and I got ready to go.

Until mom started panicking.

She started saying, “Oh my god!  Oh my god!”  Louder and louder as she ran from room to room.  “What?!”  I asked, annoyed that just like my first trip to England to meet Adam, I had to be the level headed one when this day isn’t REALLY about her.

“The cats!” 



“Where are the cats!?  I can’t find the cats!”

I’m so saving that one up for a few years; someday we’ll have a good laugh about it, I’m sure.

Her next freak-out came in the car.  The GPS started telling her to go a different way than she was used to, and then the battery died.  She swerved (unsafely had there been any other vehicles on the road at the time) over to the side of the road at an awkward angle, and I took charge of the GPS, which barely reached me when it was plugged in.  I told her to just keep going, and that it was fine to just keep going the way we were going (even if it wasn’t THE most efficient way, I thought, we still had plenty of time).  I started to think I made a mistake asking her to be my driver for before the ceremony.

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  1. Love the way you describe everything ... thanks for sharing the most beautiful event of your life with us...


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