Sunday, May 1, 2011

In Case of Rain. And Wind. And Heat Waves. And Bugs.

As I’ve said before, I really have my heart set on an outdoor summer wedding.  A bright sunny day with birds singing, seventy degree weather, greenery all around and a lake expanding outward is my idea of a dream setting for my wedding. 

But the more I daydream about a sunny wedding, the more disappointed I’ll be if it rains.  And even if we get a sunny day, there are LOTS of things that can go wrong outdoors.  What if it’s too hot?  What if there are bugs?  What if it’s super windy?

The best wedding planner in the world can’t make the sun shine for me.  I’m going to have to come up with a plan B.  Which is not easy when your plan A isn’t totally in place.  But when “not thinking about it” isn’t an option, all I can do is think about possibilities at this point that could make the day go a little better. 

Romantic Themed Umbrellas
That’s a no brainer.  But I found a really cute one!

This umbrella’s got nice weather built right in, hah.

Citronella Candles
I love candles, so this would keep the bugs away, hopefully.  I already have votive candle holders from HERE.  If I just switch out a couple normal candles for citronella (and tell the photographer to stay away from the yellow) that could work. 

Weights for my Veil
I got a tip about putting tiny weights on veil in case of winds.  I’ve heard of painting fishing weights white, or using crystal beads. 

Enclosed Wedding Ceremony Tent
I know that it is possible to get a tent with sides.  I guess that’s a safer bet than having an open one.  It would protect us from wind and rain. 

Photo Backdrop
The problem being of course, tents are ugly.  They do NOT take the place of blue skies and wide open, lush green outdoor spaces.  The only thing I can think of to dress up a tent is lots of candles (you can’t really light candles out in the sunlight, and I do love candles).  Actually, while we’re thinking about adding light, maybe some white Christmas lights would do the trick!  With some sheer fabric over them they’d look less harsh and Christmas-y and more elegant. 

Wedding Cake Refrigeration
It figures that I prefer wedding cakes with butter cream frosting, and they are totally NOT recommended for summer weddings.   On the other hand, I want a small wedding, and a small wedding cake, so I’m thinking it could go in the refrigerator until the reception. 

Climate Control
If it is really hot, apparently there are air conditioners designed for a tent (and for that matter, heaters for tents if it’s too cold).

It’s a lot to think about.  At this point, I’m almost wondering if I should skip the tent altogether and focus on finding a vacation home with an interior that’s already nice enough and large enough.  Why pay to heat or cool a tent when the house will have heat and AC?  This is silly now.  I can’t risk a muddy train on my dress and unless I’m renting a floor too, the tent won’t prevent that. 

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