Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wedding Week Has Begun!

Of course Adam and I are still super busy; pretty much too busy to blog.  But things are too excited to not blog.  It was a shame I was too busy to really blog about his immigration so I don't want to fall into the same trap!  So here's the basics of the past 2 days:

  • We picked up the marriage license without a hitch
  • Went grocery shopping for Adam's family
  • Got ready to go to the house when the owner called to say, "You're not going yet, right?"
  • Luckily all she was worried about was the state of the house since the cleaners were late, and allowed us to drop off groceries before heading to the airport.  She told us, "If you bump into them, they're very flamboyant.  You'll enjoy them."  (?!)
  • We got slightly spun around due to a GPS that's on its way out (it says one thing and shows something else) but finally once we got to 107 the ride was normal.  My stomach stopped doing flips.
  • We arrived to find the parking lot for Terminal E, which we're very familiar with by this point, was closed.  We were diverted to Central Parking, and I feared I'd never find the car again.  I made careful notes (look for Terminal A signs, oddly) and it turned out to be less complicated than I feared.  My stomach stopped doing flips again.
  • We got to the International Arrivals area and I cried a lot because Adam was actually there with me as opposed to being the one I was waiting for.  I didn't have to worry about him emerging from the door and the countdown to his departure starting and that was just the best feeling.  He thought it was cute :)
  • About 45 minutes later, I wondered where the hired car was, so I called the company.  Though I'd explained to them before, they seemed baffled that I wasn't a passenger on a flight, and I wasn't going to be a passenger in the vehicle.  I was equally surprised that they weren't going to be there holding a sign by the railings with our last names on it.
  • Adam's family arrived, looking tired, hehe.  His mum especially was not happy with their treatment at the border.  Or the meal on the flight.  She and Adam's brother hopped in the limo before we had much catching up time, and his dad came with us.  Adam and his dad chatted away and I was just able to focus on the driving.  My stomach stopped doing flips again.

  • We got to the house 20 minutes later than the limo driver, where they and my mom were waiting, unable to get into the house!  I forgot to tell them the front door doesn't  Fortunately a neighbor showed us the back door when we dropped of groceries in the morning.
  • We went in and gave everyone a tour.  Then Adam gave everyone the "extended" tour to some while I stayed in the kitchen to catch up with everyone.  Mom brought her dates with walnuts and powdered sugar, teas, and chocolates.  I made salmon, brown rice and green beans for dinner, which were a hit :)  Fish was a necessity since his mom and brother are pescatarian.
  •  The owner, who originally said she'd be in at 4 to give mom a tour, still wasn't around at 7:30 so we called her.  She was "just on the train now."  Adam's mum and brother went to bed since it was after midnight UK time.
  • Around 8:30 she arrived and answered a few questions mom and I each had.  His dad went to bed and mom left so Adam and I had a little time to ourselves to relish a mostly successful, fun day.  And to wonder where his friend and friend's girlfriend were.  Turns out their flight was delayed 2 MORE hours (it was changed to a later time than when they'd initially purchased it a few days ago).
  • Around 9:30 we got a call that they were lost.  I was not much help directing them, and after they hung up and I checked a map on my phone I saw that they were actually on the right track so I shouldn't have told them to veer off. 
  • Around 10:00 they arrived, and I learned they figured out what to do okay. 
  • We gave them the tour and soon left them to sleep since they were deliriously tired. 
  • I went to the florist.  She'd said to swing by to go over some details, and I said that I had some errands to do, so "what's a window of time I could come?"  She said, "I can give you a window of all day, just come after 8:30."  So I arrived at around 10:15, and she wasn't in.  
  • I came back home and called the printers about my programs and they weren't ready.  I was really angry about taking the day off of work for business.  
  • I called about the tuxes (not wanting to get burned again) but they said they were ready for us any time.
  •  Adam and I went to the house to pick up the men, but then women had their coats on too!  I tried to hint about picking them up after, but they weren't hearing it.  I even admitted that I had trouble finding the place, and didn't want them to have to circle with me, behind, but they said, "It's fine."  Oh.  Not fine with me.  
  • They did rave about my soups though :)
  • We DID circle a lot, but Adam's dad found the tiny sign, thank goodness.  
  • Other than the wrong color shirts for all, and the wrong color vest and tie for Adam, the suits looked good!  I had nightmare visions of them bringing out the wrong style, but it was all just paranoia.  Just like the paranoia I had that there weren't enough bedrooms for everyone.  
  • We went straight from the tuxes to the mall.  Though I emphasized we'd be having dinner at Cheesecake Factory, most disregarded that and got a full meal (even after enjoying the homemade soups I stocked, and color coded according to dietary restriction!  I was psyched they each loved theirs).  Adam feared we wouldn't be hungry in 2 hours, but 3 hours would be too long. 
  • We separated to shop, and bumped into Adam's friends a couple times.  We had fun in Brookstone playing with gadgets, and they mentioned a fun game shop downstairs, which I knew nothing about.  When Adam and I went, I thought of entertainment for our reception.  We left when nothing reasonably priced called out to me; I really liked this large (expensive) game.  But then I returned minutes later to ask if there was a small version, and sure enough there was!  We picked up another too, and his friends were later excited because they thought that same one looked fun :)  My fears about a dull reception were dissipating.  We would have ACTIVITIES!
  • After a quick trip to Walmart for some essentials (and to kill more time before dinner) we returned to the mall for the Cheesecake Factory.  They were impressed with the outside, impressed with the inside, impressed with the menu, and enjoyed their meals.  At so many moments during the dinner I just sat silently, taking it all in.  It was all finally happening.  Wedding Week has begun.  Everyone is talking and laughing and enjoying themselves.  Entertainment and food for the day was a hit.  Being painfully shy I'm not a natural host, but Adam's family are all so nice that they made it easy for me to relax.
  • We came back to our house so they could see Adam's new home, and were very kind, but quickly getting tired.  Once again, Adam and I glowed with pride at another busy, successful day of entertaining.  It's a lot all at once for two normally quiet home-bodies, but we are still looking forward to enjoying it all while it lasts, and then enjoying the peace and quiet that will come after, once we're husband and wife. 

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