Thursday, January 14, 2010

Massachusetts Wedding Venue: Spinellis, Lynnfield MA

Spinelli’s bridal show expo was even better the second time around.  I worried a LITTLE about my expectations being too high.  But unlike the other New England bridal show expos that are at country clubs or hotels instead of restaurants, the food is just from whatever vendors show up and they just bring a little something (or not, in some cases) since they're an actual wedding venue with their own catering, they're expected to be more full service.

Spinelli’s had so much good food at the New England bridal show expo that I was totally stuffed by the end and turning down the wait staff coming around with passed hors d’ourves.  They had 2 kinds of stuffed chicken, one with cheese and red peppers and it was hand carved in front of us so it was nice and moist, then another one with asparagus on, 2 kinds of pasta, one with marinara sauce and the other with a rich Alfredo sauce, little eggplant puffs, stuffed mushrooms, spinach pies, scallops wrapped in bacon, chicken quesadillas, veggie turnovers, spring rolls, and steak fillet so tender it was like BUTTER.  Then there was the wedding cake, cream puffs, chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry cheesecake and champagne.  Mom asked me to thank Adam for marrying me.  Haha, we ate VERY well at the bridal show expo that night.  And again:  FREE.

I do wish Adam could be a part of these bridal show expo visits.  But even if he wasn’t in England, I know that they wouldn’t be as fun for him.  There aren’t that many grooms in attendance anyway.  So I don’t need to feel guilty that I get all the fun without him.  He’s happy for me that I’m having fun.

Working the vendors area at this New England bridal show was second hand at this point too.  I asked about the pretty flowers I liked and laughed at the horrible and was able to sail right past the wedding gown and tuxedo booths with confidence cause I'm all set with them.  So I didn't win anything at the bridal show expo tonight, but it was still fun.

I’d really love to have Spinellis cater our wedding, but I bet they're pricey for off site visits (they want couples to use use them as their wedding venue since they have to maintain their facilities).  For just the reception, it's about $60-$70 for a plated dinner, but that does include a champagne toast and cake (and their cakes are fantastic).  They are a gorgeous wedding venue, all Tuscan style inside with (fake?) marble.  It's exactly the LOOK I like, and it would make for beautiful photos.  But I still think renting a house for Adam’s family to stay in on their visit from England and having a wedding ceremony plus reception there will work best for us.  It'll be cozier for our tiny guest list too, instead of doing a separate reception hall that's meant for 200 people.  And since we don't want dancing after dinner, a ballroom wouldn't allow the sort of fun backyard activities we're looking forward to.  I'm sure when the time comes I'll find a pretty house and it'll feel like a much more intimate wedding venue than a restaurant.


  1. Wow! The food sounds delicious! It seems like a great venue, but I agree that you should definitely do what you know will work best for you.

  2. I agree. Whatever your heart is set on, you should go with.

  3. Oh and I left something for you on my blog. Enjoy!


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