Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New England Bridal Show Expo: Bradford Country Club

This New England bridal show expo was not quite as fun as Spinellis.  Oh sure, there was some free food (cheese, veggies and fruit) and the strawberry champagne punch was great.  But the problem I had was the locale.  See, I grew up not far from the Bradford Country Club.  I always envisioned it as a really fancy place, and always wondered what it was like.  So I was excited to get to check the place out.  Mom and I pulled up on to this bridal show expo this chilly October evening, head along the path, and came to…THE TENT.  We didn’t even get to see inside: the whole event took place out in the freezing cold tent.  We weren’t dressed for an outdoor event either.

This bridal trade show event was kind of a blur anyway.  I had been planning to invite my sister along.  I haven’t asked her to be my maid of honor yet, so I thought she might get into the spirit of wedding stuff if she was being fed.  Unfortunately, she was in a car accident (got rear ended.  Twice).  The 3 car pile up was bad enough to make the news.  She was walking around, but in a lot of pain.  But instead of getting her warmed up to the idea, I almost didn’t go because of her.  I felt weird going and having fun after I learned about her and mom spending the afternoon at the hospital.  But they both said there was no point to canceling the trip to the New England bridal show expo; she just needed to go to bed.

So we did the typical bridal trade show stuff like literature collecting from the vendors, tasting some cakes, (found one AMAZING cake) ran into a friend from high school (working the event) and then watched the presentation done by the DJs.  This portion of the bridal show expo felt more like a real wedding reception, which was somewhat of an improvement.  They led people in line dances and cheesy games, and mom had to leave right before the raffles started, but I stayed and froze like a sucker.  I didn't win any raffles tonight, which figures; because there were prizes unlike those at the previous bridal trade show where you get $100 off if you book with them tonight.  Those didn’t help me since I haven’t set a date yet, but these were prizes I could actually have, like gift baskets and cash.  Oh well.  The whole point of going to these things is that I get to marry Adam, so I win every time.  I dropped of some chocolates I got there at mom’s house for my sister, and head home.
Photos courtesy of:
Karen 2873
Kristin a (Meringue Bake Shop)
The People’s Tribune


  1. Sounds about right! Bridal fairs can feel very strange and unnatural. Good thing there is cake. Sorry you guys were so cold, that sounds like a bummer!

  2. i loved going to bridal fairs just for the free food... haha! during one of the fairs i went to they had wedding dress giveaways and the winner of one of them was sandy.... (insert last name that isn't mine)! my heart skipped a beat and then dropped when i heard i wasn't the winner, lol!

  3. Ooh a similar thing happened to me! Wasn't a dress, it was some other raffle, but still. I feel your pain, haha.

  4. It is pretty impressive looking, huh? Though it sort of screams "baby shower" to me, like for a baby boy, just because of the color and design. That would be one big baby shower though, hehe.

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    . Hope to find one soon.


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